Drum. Why?

I drum daily, and it is indeed therapy. It heals me when I'm ill or broken, it can break a bad mood like flipping a switch, it smooths the rough places, and overall, I definitely feel like a smarter chimp than before I began drumming.

Copper Dream

The dream was real in the way that the intense realness of running on a blazing day alone over ancient terrain feels like a dream.

Never depend on a standing dead tree

The avid explorer of small wildernesses clings to roots, trees, and embedded stones, while leaning into the sides of steep gorge walls, crawling, digging, fingers grasp, searching for the safest route up. Moss untouched by civilization or human hands.  Nobody knows about this moss.  Intangible, the heaviness of sensory receptive cellular matter, stop and process, breathe... Continue Reading →

It’s Really Simple

On the morning commute, most days, I find myself in some kind of dialogue with my 8-year-old daughter.  She usually asks a question and then for twenty minutes we search out different ideas. This has been going on since preschool five years ago. Often these conversations are inspired by something heard on the radio.  I'll flip through the... Continue Reading →

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